The Message is very Clear. End Menstrual Stigma.

On 11th August, a team of 50 Hikers including adolescent girls set out to Eastern Uganda to Hike Wanale with the purpose of creating awareness and Breaking stigma around Menstruation .

This event was organized Raising Teenagers-Uganda and Steadfast Safaris. 14 organizations and other individuals plus schools participated in the event. We strong believe that No Girl should drop out of school because of menstruation. We believe that parents should be sensitized about the benefits of educating their daughters as opposed to marrying them off as soon as they begin their periods.

As a result 80 girls were supported with sanitary pads so that they can be able to attend school with dignity. We shall support more girls in the slums soon.

Thanks to everyone that joined us in this important mission.  Together we are much stronger. Let Girls be Girls and NOT Brides.  Keep girls in school and watch how you transform the world.


When you donate $5 , a girl in a rural school will be supported with reusable sanitary pads that will take her a full year. Up to today, we still have girls who miss or drop out of school because of menstruation. Some of these girls are total orphans with no one to provide for them while others have been affected by complete poverty to the extent that they can’t afford a rug to fold and use. In the last two years, we have been able to support 10,000 girls from 42 schools but the number of girls that need our support keeps growing daily. We managed to support these girls with help from friends and well wishers as well as institutions. We call upon everyone out there willing to touch Someone’s life by donating pads to get in touch with us at Raising Teenagers Uganda. Be a blessing to the needy and God will bless you more. You can get in touch with us through. or

When You Hike, A Girl Goes to School Everyday. Join us Next Month on 11th-12th August and Hike for a Girl Child. We are Breaking Stigma around Menstruation. No Girl should Miss or Drop out of school just because she was born female. Let’s support them to realize the dreams by Keeping them in school until they complete their education. All the proceeds from the Hike will be used to buy sanitary pads for the less advantaged girls in the slum schools and rural schools. Together we are much stronger.

Charity Climb to Break Stigma Around Menstruation. On 16th & 17th June a team of people from different organizations will head to Eastern Uganda to Hike Wanala with the aim of creating awareness and breaking Stigma around Menstruation. All the proceeds from the Hike will be used to buy sanitary pads for the vulnerable girls so that they are able to attend school daily and complete their education. Our message is clear, No girl should drop out of school because of Menstruation. Join us to make a difference. Participation is open to all people working to make this world a better place for all girls.

Ask children to write their Challenges and You will be Challenged instead.

After having various sessions with our #GirlsMatterClub members in different schools, we realized that some girls always sit and listen but don’t say anything. So during our last session we asked each girl to write a topic that she wants us to discuss in our next session and give reasons why. When we received the small papers back. I was challenged, I felt pain, I felt sad, the girls are suffering a lot in their own homes at the hands of some fathers, relatives, house maids and strangers. Raising Teenagers Uganda creates a platform where young people can share their challenges and receive

We know that many homes in Uganda use house maids, but do you know what happens to your children when you are not at home!!! Our girls need our protection. One of the girls wrote that their house maid forces her to touch her private parts as well as practicing sex with her.

This calls for attention from everyone. Some house maids could be HIV+ and will infect your children. How can we be present in our children’s lives so that they open up to us. Be a friend.

See how much your daughter is forced to keep to herself. She may even know the affairs between the father and house maid but if the mother is not close, she won’t open up. And the pain eats this child up, you start to wonder why they are not performing well in class, but how can they concentrate with all this pain!!!

Some of the issues that came out strongly were cases of defilement and rape by some fathers, uncles, and neighbors.

Girls are forced to sleep and have sex with older men who in turn threaten them and they keep quiet but suffer silently.

Defilement still happens and some girls won’t report. We need to break the silence at all cost. Get close to your children and give them the confidence that you care.

At Raising Teenagers Uganda, we are creating spaces for young people to share their challenges and receive help and guidance. We are doing this in our #GirlsMatterClubs in 4 schools.

One other girl wrote this and it gave us hope that if we continue empowering girls, they will learn to protect and defend themselves.

There are many other schools that need us to form clubs there but we can’t afford because we don’t have funding to do that and the schools won’t even provide transport for our volunteers. Could you be willing to support our program, please get in touch with us at or

Lets work together and help girls to realize and achieve their dreams.

An educated girl is an empowered girls. Join us to make a difference.

Drawing tells the untold stories: University Students need psychosocial support.

We believe that story telling can help to transform lives and foster positive change in society, however some girls may not be in position to tell their story but can draw. When this 1st year student was asked to draw anything and communicate through her drawing, this is what she drew. In explanation she stated that many times university students are neglected yet they are faced with a wide range of challenges and need psychosocial support.

“Everyone is talking about rural women and girls but who prepares us for university life!!”

There is a lot of sexual abuse and exploitation accompanied by threats and yet these girls have nobody to talk to. All they need is a shoulder to lean on. A voice to speak about their challenges. Someone to encourage, motivate and inspire them. Someone to assure them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She drew this during a training on Language, gender and leadership network that brought together members from different organizations working to create positive change in society.

Raising Teenagers Uganda was among and we are planning to follow up and see how we can reach out to University students.

We are seeking for support to make this possible so that these young ladies can be empowered and supported to thrive and achieve their dreams.

Leveraging Media to End Child Marriage: The event that made a difference at the #CSW62

Did you know that media can do a lot more than we can ever imagine!!! It can even play a very important role in ending Child Marriage!! This event brought together 3 organizations; Joy for Children Uganda, Equality Now and Raising Teenagers-Uganda at the 62 Commission on the status of women as we shared our best practices on how we have used the media to create impact in society in relation to keeping girls in school and ending child marriage.

Through proper use of our social media platforms and sharing information about the dangers of child Marriage and benefits of educating girls, even those that we can’t reach physically have the opportunity to learn, understand and do something different to end the practice. We have taught girls about their rights and how best they can report abuse and exploitation so that they received justice.

Sharing testimonies from girls has helped to encourage and empower fellow girls out there. Some cultures believe that as soon as a girl begins menstruation, she is then ready for marriage and they go ahead and marry them off: but with the use of media, we can inform the world that menstruation is not a ticket to marriage. We write about the dangers of the practice and the benefits of keeping girls in school and we have been able to impact on the lives of many children, girls and women.

With the availability of smartphones and various social media platforms, we believe that everyone can play a role in transforming society. But we also acknowledge the fact that women and girls in rural areas may not have access to such facilities and gadgets, we therefore encourage the use of radios to share information.

We must try everything possible until we see a world free from child marriages.

The print media too can Transform lives by writing about stories child marriage and the dangers that come with the practice as well as expose the perpetrators of the practice and educate the public about the importance of standing up strong for the Girl child in school. Reporting about the successes that come with education of girls will encourage the readers to walk the talk.

Educating girls about their rights can best be done with proper use of media. Let us leverage media to End Child marriage.

Empowering Girls in rural schools can help to achieve the SDGs by 2030

The challenges faced by rural girls and women is critical at this moment. At the #CSW62 everyone was in agreement. That if the women and girls in rural areas are supported and brought in the room, included in the discussions, involved in the decision making, then the world would have a lot to benefit.

If the world has to achieve the sustainable development goals, then its very key that the women and girls in rural areas are economically empowered and supported.

Raising Teenagers Uganda was honoured to take part in the 62 Commission on the status of women. We were able to share with the world the work we are doing to keep the less advantaged girls in school.

Our focus on menstruation management continues to impact on the lives of many girls in rural schools who are normally forgotten and may end up becoming victims of teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

Would you like to support our campaign of keeping girls in school, donate sanitary pads and underwear for Girls so that they won’t have to run to men for sex in exchange for these products.

We appreciate everyone out their doing everything possible to support the less advantaged girls.