Child Marriage %ges

The percentages of child pregnancies/ marriages before the age of 18years.

40% of girls aged 20-24 years were married before the age of 18years. This is according to the UNICEF Report 2015.

According to UNFPA fact sheet, 2012, Uganda is among the leading countries with high rates of teenage pregnancies in the sub-Saharan Africa.  Regionally, the report puts

East-Central Region                        30.6%

Eastern Region                                  30.3%,

Karamoja Region                              29.7%

West Nile Region                             26.4%

The Northern Region                     25.6%

The percentages are higher among the uneducated girls at 45% compared to 16% among the educated girls. – According to UBOS 2011.


  1. What leads these girls to having unprotected sex?

Lack of knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health, limited access to family planning methods, extreme poverty and lack of basic needs which leads girls into accepting offers from men in exchange for sex. Poor parenting styles and the fact that these girls are not empowered to say no to sex.


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