Child marriage and Teenage pregnancy is quite a serious issue in Uganda. It robs children of their childhood and a brighter, more prosperous future. However, if this has already happened to a girl, it should not mean her life has come to an end. One important thing is for that girl to appreciate the fact that she has the power to change her story. This comes with determination and courage. Accepting the mistake and moving on with her education is the most important action that she has to take. Seeking Guidance and constant counseling is very vital in order to avoid the same mistake re happening. Peer pressure normally has a bigger role it plays in someone’s life, so always mind about the kind of friends that you relate with as you struggle to re build your life.

Try as much as you can to get more information on sexual reproductive health because this is very important for every girl child. Always keep in mind that having a child does not necessarily mean that you get married or that you completely give up on education. The only way you can take care of that child is by you yourself being empowered and acquiring more education and life skills. Go back to school and do not do it for anyone else but rather for yourself.  Never give up on yourself because the power to succeed in life is always within you. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR STORY.



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