The most important thing to teach your child is responsibility. Discuss how to make decisions and understand what the consequences of those decisions will be.

You can start by discussing decisions and consequences that don’t involve sex, and then move the conversation toward sexuality. After all, there are consequences to having sex or not having sex, and every child is going to get a lot of misinformation along the way from their peers and the media. So before they get that information, Let them hear it from you their parents.

After all, however adult their appearance, behavior, and attitudes may appear, adolescents remain closer to childhood than adulthood and children need ongoing parental guidance to prepare for adulthood. I know it’s a lot of work, but parents need to monitor what their children see and be there available to them to provide some context.

Find out what’s in the movie, what’s in the program, what’s on that Internet site before you let your child see or hear. And experience with him or her together, so you can discuss it and use it to build trust between you and your child. Otherwise keep in mind that when you don’t give your child this information, There will be someone out there ready to offer the information however your child has to pay dearly.







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