Education is the Greatest Investment

Imagine a world where every child is educated and can contribute to the development process!!

So many times parents in rural areas tend to give away their young girls for marriage in exchange for just a kilogram of sugar, a goat, a cow , some tea leaves and sometimes for salt. These young girls are then subjected to domestic violence, torture, early child birth and many times girls have died while giving birth because their bodies are never ready to experience child birth.

Many times the parents to these girls need to be empowered with information about the benefits of keeping their children in school until they complete their education. Once these girls have acquired the education, they can provide all the above mentioned items to their parents for the rest of their lives. All that parents need to to practice some bit of patience and sacrifice a little in order to enjoy the fruits of their children.

Its time to reach out to the parents in rural settings and sensitize them if we want a better future for girls. A future where they can participate in leadership positions. A future where they can make informed choices and start up families the the men of their choice.

The time is now. Lets teach the Parents because they need this knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Education is the Greatest Investment

    1. Thank you Jane dear. You are always supportive and i pray to God to Continue blessing you. I don’t know how many people will be able to read it because i have very few followers here.
      I don’t know what to do to get more followers. This is a new site and i have not learnt much about it yet.


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