How is the Future without Our Children!


Imagine a world where every child is educated, empowered and able to contribute to the development process!!

Today, many Children have been exposed to exploitation and abuse. This is in form of child sacrifice, child trafficking, child labor, child marriage, child torture and most times this comes as a result of Domestic and gender based violence. Some parents have in one way or another contributed to these situations either knowingly or unknowingly.

What has happened to our society? Where has the love gone? Today some parents and relatives sexually abuse their own children. Others have even got their own daughters and nieces pregnant? Where are we heading? Why have we decided to make our own children suffer? Young girls are dying while giving birth, why? Because their bodies are not ready for child birth!! Did we really suffer the same way while we were growing up??? What future are we preparing for these children.

Through our programs of Guidance and counseling in schools, we get to hear what children go through in their homes and its really painful. Some children say they prefer to stay at school for the rest of their lives without going home due to the conditions at home. They wish they din’t have to go home for holidays!! They keep all the pain to themselves because they believe that no one will understand them. Some have resorted to drug abuse in order to forget their problems yet this is not a solution.

Why don’t we take it on as our responsibility to protect children! Whether we are related to them or not. Long ago a child belonged to a community, but today, its to whom it may concern!! For how long will this situation continue? Can we create an environment that allows every child to enjoy his or her childhood! An environment that will make boys and girls proud of who they are? Its never too late for change to be realized, we just need to be interested.

It is impossible to realize the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 if we don’t put children into consideration today because they are the future we are planning for. Its as simple as that. Protect Children and help them to meet the future that they rightfully deserve.



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