In 6 months  2,646 girls from different schools in various parts of the country have received sanitary pads and are now attending school everyday of the term without worrying about their menstruation matters. These girls can now compete favorably with their male counterparts.

In December 2016  Hope Nankunda- an educationist and adolescent counselor who has made it her life mission to support vulnerable girls to stay in school in order to reduce the rates of child marriage and teenage pregnancy launched a GoFundMe fundraising campaign with an intention to fund raise from the possible sources towards providing the vulnerable school going girls with sanitary towels, thereby keeping them in school regardless of menstrual experiences. Some girls in rural schools face a number of challenges related to menstruation and in most cases they are forced to misses school some days every month or even drop out of school due to lack of sanitary pads. Different people from different parts of the world joined the campaign and have supported the girls significantly and can now attend school every day of the term without worrying about menstruation.

Who contributed?

Lohana Community Kampala felt the need to support our Keeping Girls in School Project. The ladies donated 200 sanitary pads in kind after organizing and carrying out a cooking competition in order to raise money and support the vulnerable girls to stay in school. They also donated a Water Tank to school in Makerere Kivule slums- Grace Fellowship Primary school which is now serving an enrolment of over 300 students. Girls in this school would suffer more during their menstruation due to lack of water.


Afripads Uganda supported the campaign by donating 2000 sanitary pads, 2000 underwear and 2000 Girl talk Booklets that have relevant information about menstruation which girls can use to learn more about the basic details on menstruation matters and how to manage different situations.

Rainbow International School Uganda organized a Teacher Talent show where the teaching and non teaching staff presented songs, dances, skits, Fashion shows, Creative shows, to the parents and students in order to raise money and contribute towards our – Keeping Girls in School Project. The show collected 3, 308,850 Ug shillings. That will provide sanitary pads to 225 vulnerable girls in rural schools.


The Mt.Muhavura Hiking Event


This was organized in partnership with an intention of raising awareness about menstruation challenges that girls go through and to break the stigma around menstruation.

On 12th May 40 Hikers set off to Kisoro District in Western Uganda and on 13th May they hiked Mt. Muhavula Ranges. Out of the 40 Hikers, 15 went up to the peak of the mountain, 4137 meters above sea level and this was record breaking for the Uganda World Life Authority team as they informed us that it’s the first time a big team of hikers getting up to the peak on the same day. This explains how people were determined to do the impossible in order for the vulnerable girl to attend school with pride and dignity and be able to complete their education without having to feel humiliation and embarrassment because of menstruation.

We still call upon well wishers to support us so that we can support more girls out there that are missing an opportunity to attend school due to menstruation related matters.

Empower 1 GIRL and She Will Empower 20 GIRLS.1



  1. You are on a roll, Hope! I am thrilled to see the way YOUR movement has grown and helped so many girls stay learning. Education is the pathway to a better life. I always think that Jesus respected women and acknowledged how they listened, as Mary did, followed him and understood quickly what was needed. Girls in Uganda with help will change attitudes, take more jobs that pay better and help others to grow independently. This report was good to read.

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