That Girl. Our Girl.

There is that time when every girl child needs someone to talk too. That time when she goes to the bathroom and finds blood on her knicker for the very first time and has never heard about anything called menstruation. She could be 8years old, 9 or 10. Imagine how that feels especially if no one has ever told her about periods!!

Her mother, her aunt , her older sisters have not told her about that time when a girl begins puberty and the challenges that come with it.

Its the reason i wake up everyday thinking about that girl. Wishing that i had a way to speak to every girl about this matter so that they understand that its normal.

The reason i want to tell every boy in school not to humiliate any girl once They stain their dress.

The reason i want to tell every teacher to be very considerate as they deal with such issues in school. A very small comment can make a girl want to abandon school because this matter is very personal.

The reason i want to meet every parent and beg her or him to speak to their young girls about puberty and its challenges as well as how to accommodate those challenges. Many girls don’t know the relationship between menstruation and pregnancy. They need that information. How about you spare some time and share such important information with that girl.

Every girl has the capacity to excel in life only if they are given an opportunity. 


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