They Hiked Mt.Muhavura to Break Stigma Around Menstruation.

When it was anounced that there will be a hiking event on Muhavura ranges with the intention to create awareness about the challenges vulnerable girls go through once they begin menstruation, we never knew that it would turn out to be as memorable as it is now.

40 people came on board to hike for the Girl child and out of these, 15 made it to the peak of the mountain. This was a record breaker. No such big number had ever got to the peak on the same day. This explains how determined people are ready to break the menstruation stigma and support vulnerable girls to attend school everyday of the term.

 The Hikers did it with determination and love despite the many challenges that were met along the way. None of the challenges compares to the pain that vulnerable girls go through due to lack of sanitary pads.
Today many girls are missing school some days every month while other are dropping out of school due to menstruation matters. We are saying that this can not continue. Each one of us can do something small to support a girl in need of support especially if its to do with provision of sanitary pads.

The Hikers had experiences to share with the world and each hiker almost had a different experience. But the common experience amongst them all was the fact that at the end of the day,  it was worth it. And its nothing compared to what vulnerable girls go through.

Peace Namayanja is one of the Hikers that made it to the peak of the mountain and even though her hiking shoes let her down along the way, she never gave up. She still made it to the peak 4317 meters above see level.

I personally wish to appreciate everyone that joined us for this hiking event. Your participation means alot to us.

The organisations that came along: Joy for Children Uganda, NOPE Uganda, Kegra, European Union in Uganda, Raising Teenagers Uganda, The Lawyers that came along, the individuals that made contributions, we celebrate you.

We look forward to having you around in our upcoming events.


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