The biggest and sole reward of giving back to community is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. On 25th August 2017, The Mudassir Husain Family came to Uganda all the way from England to reach out and support different communities in honor of their father who was born and grew up in Kalisizo Masaka. Their father left Uganda in 1972 back to England but he always spoke to his Children about Uganda and specifically the community where he was born and raised and how he wishes to come back and meet and support the people in that community.

One year after their father had passed on, the mother and children plus their friends decided to raise money and come to Uganda to fulfill their Father’s wish. They wanted an organization or people with who they can work to fulfill their mission and so they connected with Bharat Manek- the Principal of Lohana Schools and his wife who connected them to our organization- Raising Teenagers Uganda and together as a team we were able to make everything happen in only 5days that they spent here in Uganda.


In 5days, they were able to reach out to so many people and touch their lives in different ways. Some of the areas they visited and made donations include;

  1. Water tank at Lugoba High School, in Kawempe.
    2. Two hospital beds donated to the Uganda Hospice in Makyindye.
    3. Three wheelchairs donated to the Kampala School for Physically Handicapped Children.
    4. Food stuff to the HIV/AIDS unit at Kawaala Health Centre in Kasubi.
    5. School bags, foodstuff and clothes to the children at Good Shepard Orphanage in Kisyeni.
    6. Many textbooks to Kololo Senior Secondary School where their father studied!
    7. Various items pledged to Sanyu Babies Home in Mengo.
    8. Clothes and solar lamps in Jinja.
    9. Clothes, a lot of foodstuff, solar lamps and sanitary pads for girls in Kalisizo-Masaka.

At St.Andrew’s Kalisizo Primary School they supported the girls with sanitary towels. They also provided them with many other items such as rice, posho, sugar, cooking oil, milk, washing soap, plates and solar lamps. 30 families in Kalisizo were supported.

Their message to girls was to keep in school and complete their education.


At St.Andrew’s Matale Kalisizo Primary School in Masaka District

The Family also visited Kampala School of the Physically Handicapped-Mengo where they supported the institution with wheelchairs that can help the physically handicapped children to be able to move from one place to another.


The Husain Family together with Bharat Manek-the Principal of Lohana Schools

Education is one important aspect that they uphold and they wanted to reach out to some schools and support the children. They donated a Water Tank to Lugoba High School- Kawempe.

While there they realized the challenges that students face once there is no water in the school. The head teacher of the school informed them that students move about 3 kilometers in search for water and this affects their academic performance since time for lessons is always encroached on. They fetch water to use for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing their clothes.

The school management is so thankful for this donation because it will save the students from walking long distances in search for water. When schools lack water, the Girl Child suffers more especially those that have already begun menstruation, It is there important for all schools to ensure that they tap in rain water and harvest it for children’s benefit.



The Husain Family with some of the students and staff at Lugoba High School

A word from Husain:

“Clean Water is one of life’s essentials. Every human should have access. This will tank provide easier access to children who walk miles each day to get this resource which we take for granted. Having young girls travel many kilometres to get water day or night on foot – just to drink, wash etc each and every day is painful to see. Others take this for granted in this day and age. This water tank provides clean water for children and locals so that they can have a better quality of life and have access to an essential resource – water!”


Hope Nankunda- Team Leader- Raising Teenagers Uganda and the Central Region Coordinator for Girls Not Brides Uganda


Hope Nankunda with the Director and the Head Teacher for Lugoba High School.

The Visit to Sanyu Babies Home

The family reached out to children at Sanyu Babies home where they donated a number of Items to the institution and the children. Sometimes all that these children need is Love and we are glad that the Husain family demonstrated that love.

“Babies and children abandoned from as little as 3 days old – this isn’t right. Parents: Either through their illness or their poverty and lack of food – cannot look after their own stomachs, so how can they look after babies – unfortunately abandoned. Sad stories and many orphans – but organizations like Sanyu are making a difference. In the future there are efforts to reunite, or provide to foster families – but the early upbringing, are done in places like this”.


At Sanyu Babies Home.


At Kawaala Health Centre in Kasubi.

Some of the other places that were visited include Missionaries of the Poor where they also touched lives of many other children.

They also visited Hospice Uganda where they donated 2 hospital beds.

The Kindness exhibited by this family cannot go unnoticed. It was their very first time to come to Uganda and all they did was share loves and smiles with people they had never seen.


 The love you have shown to Ugandan people will forever be remembered. God Bless you the work of your Hands.



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