An Educated Girl can Transform her Family. Keep Girls in School.

While attending the 62 Commission on the status of Women at the UN Headquarters in New York, all discussions were around empowering the rural women and girls. Its amazing how different people around the world are doing everything possible to ensure that the girl child is protected and empowered.

Raising Teenagers-Uganda continues to advocate for the Right to education for every child especially the Girl child. Our main focus is on menstruation and we support rural girls to have access reusable sanitary pads with the help of well wishers that donate the pads.

We strongly believe that an educated girl can transformed her entire family and help in addressing the problem of poverty that has become a major reason why parents decide to marry off their young girls.

We continue to sensitize parents and communities about the benefits of educating their children. This is a message that everyone needs to embrace and share within their networks.

We are glad to have been part of the discussions at the UN and sharing our work with the world about what we are doing to keep girls in school. We have so much concentration on creating platforms where they can share their challenges and empower each other through our “Girls Matter Clubs.”

Motivation and encouragement of young girls can create all the difference. Would you like to make a difference in the lives of young people, join us and support the less advantaged girls to stay in school until they complete their education.

We appreciate those that have stood with us in our campaign of Keeping girls in school. We are making a difference.

We always say #EveryTEENCounts.

Support Girls to stay in school.


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