Empowering Girls in rural schools can help to achieve the SDGs by 2030

The challenges faced by rural girls and women is critical at this moment. At the #CSW62 everyone was in agreement. That if the women and girls in rural areas are supported and brought in the room, included in the discussions, involved in the decision making, then the world would have a lot to benefit.

If the world has to achieve the sustainable development goals, then its very key that the women and girls in rural areas are economically empowered and supported.

Raising Teenagers Uganda was honoured to take part in the 62 Commission on the status of women. We were able to share with the world the work we are doing to keep the less advantaged girls in school.

Our focus on menstruation management continues to impact on the lives of many girls in rural schools who are normally forgotten and may end up becoming victims of teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

Would you like to support our campaign of keeping girls in school, donate sanitary pads and underwear for Girls so that they won’t have to run to men for sex in exchange for these products.

We appreciate everyone out their doing everything possible to support the less advantaged girls.


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