Leveraging Media to End Child Marriage: The event that made a difference at the #CSW62

Did you know that media can do a lot more than we can ever imagine!!! It can even play a very important role in ending Child Marriage!! This event brought together 3 organizations; Joy for Children Uganda, Equality Now and Raising Teenagers-Uganda at the 62 Commission on the status of women as we shared our best practices on how we have used the media to create impact in society in relation to keeping girls in school and ending child marriage.

Through proper use of our social media platforms and sharing information about the dangers of child Marriage and benefits of educating girls, even those that we can’t reach physically have the opportunity to learn, understand and do something different to end the practice. We have taught girls about their rights and how best they can report abuse and exploitation so that they received justice.

Sharing testimonies from girls has helped to encourage and empower fellow girls out there. Some cultures believe that as soon as a girl begins menstruation, she is then ready for marriage and they go ahead and marry them off: but with the use of media, we can inform the world that menstruation is not a ticket to marriage. We write about the dangers of the practice and the benefits of keeping girls in school and we have been able to impact on the lives of many children, girls and women.

With the availability of smartphones and various social media platforms, we believe that everyone can play a role in transforming society. But we also acknowledge the fact that women and girls in rural areas may not have access to such facilities and gadgets, we therefore encourage the use of radios to share information.

We must try everything possible until we see a world free from child marriages.

The print media too can Transform lives by writing about stories child marriage and the dangers that come with the practice as well as expose the perpetrators of the practice and educate the public about the importance of standing up strong for the Girl child in school. Reporting about the successes that come with education of girls will encourage the readers to walk the talk.

Educating girls about their rights can best be done with proper use of media. Let us leverage media to End Child marriage.


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